Bathing the Buddha Dharma Assembly 釋迦牟尼佛佛誕浴佛法會



                                                           Bathing the Buddha Dharma Assembly

The eighth day of the April of the Chinese lunar calendar is the holy birthday of Sakyamuni Buddha. Before the Buddha renounced and reached enlightenment, he was known as Prince Siddhartha. According to Buddhist sutras, right after the Prince was born, He said, with one hand pointing to the sky and the other pointing to the ground, “From heaven to earth, I alone am the world-honored one.” Nine dragons in the sky then poured streams of fragrant water from their mouths to bathe the prince’s body. Ever since, Buddhists hold the Bathing the Buddha Dharma Assembly to celebrate the holy birth of the Buddha.

The Sutra on the Merits Accrued from Bathing the Buddha states many of the benefits of bathing the Buddha: The practitioners will experience wealth and well-being in this life time. They will have great health and long life. Their wishes will be granted. Families and friends will live in harmony, be far away from the eight difficulties, and be free from all karmic conditions that will result in sufferings.

To celebrate the holy birthday of Sakyamuni Buddha, the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters (U.I.W.B.A.H.), Hua Zang Si, and Sanger Mission will hold the Bathing the Buddha Dharma Assembly on Sunday, May 12, 2013 at 9:30 a.m. in the Sakyamuni Buddha Hall at Hua Zang Si in San Francisco. We will bathe the Buddha with the most wonderful fragrant water.

You are cordially invited to experience the Dharma joy.


為恭祝釋迦牟尼佛聖誕,聯合國際世界佛教總部(U.I.W.B.A.H.)、華藏寺(Hua Zang Si)及聖格講堂(Sanger Mission)將於2013年5月12日(星期日)上午9:30,在舊金山華藏寺大雄寶殿聯合啟建《釋迦牟尼佛佛誕浴佛法會》。屆時將以上妙香湯浴佛。歡迎十方善信踴躍參與,共霑法益!

Date 日期: 5/12/2013 (星期日) 9:30A.M.
Location 地點: Hua Zang Si 華藏寺
3134 22nd Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
Contact Number 聯繫電話: 415- 920 9816
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